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Daniel Robinson Robbins of New Haven, CT

The following e-mail just came to me. It sounds very promising. If anyone knows more, please let me know.

"I wish I had more details of the life Daniel Robinson in New Haven. He was born somewhere in Scotland about 1627 and is believed one of the prisoners captured at Worcester in 1651 and sold in America by Cromwell. When free he married Hope Potter and moved to New Jersey where the family dropped the "son" and were known as Robins (documented by land deeds tying them to his property in New Haven). The descendants of Daniel Robinson have DYS393=12."

Further information that just came in is that the ship was that the port was Boston, and ship was the John & Sara out of London in 1651 bound for New England with Scottish prisoners. On board were Alester, Charles, Daniell, James, John and another John Robinson. Six Robinsons that came over in 1651 fits the oral history handed down to us about coming over not on the Mayflower but the ship after that. I've read that around this time there was a fleet of ships coming to New England. This sounds very interesting.

I just found a Daniel Robbins on ancestry with this information:
Birth: Abt 1627 - Blair Athol, Perth (Perthshire), Scotland
Marriage: 8 Feb 1663 - New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut
Death: Jul 1714 - Monmouth, New Jersey
Spouse: Hope Potter It was on the Burrowes/Lee family tree.

How exciting. It fits the description. When I found my grandfather on the census, they were listed as Roberson. Those surnames get batted about, usually from poor handwriting.

Resource: John German : Robinson Family in New England

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