Friday, April 23, 2010


R1b Haplogroup's Age

The marker defining haplogroup R1b is M343. They appeared about 30,000 years ago and a descendant of this clan made his way into Europe. They were direct descendants of the Cro-Magnons, who created the famous cave paintings found in southern France. They had also made jewelry from shells, bones, ivory and had musical instruments and even stone carvings. The paintings showed animals and their life events like spring, molting, hunting and pregnancy.Now in our family, I find that both Henwood and Robinson are in the haplogroup of M269 or R1b1b2, and even they are a little different with the Dys#393 being a 12 in Robinson and a 13 in Henwood showing they they originated in different places at different times. Both were found to be in some part of Great Britain with Henwood centered in Hampshire, England. Robinson's oral history is supposedly in Wales.

Research: Deep Ancestry inside the Genographic Project by Spencer Wells


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