Saturday, January 02, 2010


The New York or Vermont Dilemma

At one point in history, before Vermont was a state, both NY and NH claimed land in VT. This information is from cousin, another great grandson.

Our great grandfather said he owned his farm. He said he could not write but could read.

N.Y. is divided by Lake Champlain and bordered by Quebec and Ontario, Conn. Mass. and Vermont. The lower tip of Manhatten, called New Amsterdam was populated first. Fort Orange in Albany was also popular, in Westchester County.

At the end of the 1776 Revolution, many Tories (sided with British) fled to Canada. The war of 1812 was fought along N.Y. frontier and Canada. By 1820, 1/2 people in N.Y. were New Englanders. Quebec probably was where the Robinsons lived during the Civil War. La Salle in Canada was also possible, or the St. Lawrence Colony. At the end of the revolution people were called United Empire Loyalists who lived in lower Canada. Quebec became known as Canada East.
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