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Who Was Abiathar Smith Robinson's Father?

Abiathar Smith Robinson was born in Vermont in 1829. He married Julia Ann Tuller, who was born in Royalton, VT in 1852 in Tunbridge, a few miles away from Royalton. Royalton is in Windsor County and is a small hamlet. In 2000 it had a population of 2,600. Royalton was the scene of an Indian attack before Abiathar and Julia were born.

If Sally Smith was his mother, what Robinsons lived nearby to have fathered him? Sally lived in Jamaica, Windham, Vermont. Jamaica is and was still a small burg but is the home of the state park so is in a beautiful setting.

In the year 2000 Jamaica had about the same population as Wenona, Illinois, the place Abiathar is buried. Jamaica only had a population of 946. Jamaica is close to the larger city of Brattleboro, which had 12,000.

No Robinsons were listed in Jamaica in 1830 but Brattleboro, Windham, VT had the following Robinson men. Archabald Robinson, John Robinson and William Jr. Robinson.

Other Robinson men were in the county of Windham. Aron and John H Robinson were in Newfane. George and George Jr. Robinson lived in Wilmington along with Sandford M. Jona lived in Wardsboro.

By 1830 George Jr. was between the ages of 20 and 30 and was still in Wilmington. So was Sanford who was between 40 and 50.

There were available Robinson men in the vicinity. I have more to check.
I have extensive Robinson information from Western Vermont/Northeastern New York including John, Archibald, and William Robinson going back to their roots in the Scottish lowlands and subsequent military service with Olivar Cromwell and resettlement in County Moneghan, Ireland. This line emigrated to this area with the "Clark Exodus" in the 1770-1790s. I live in Portland. Would love to chat. Joe Robinson (503)705-6351
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