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Wenona Census 1860-1880 Showing Robinson: But No Sally-She Was Nearby

Abiathar Smith Robinson and wife Julia plus children were definitely not in the 1860 census in Wenona. Wenona was just a post office stop then, and the area was called Evans. I did find an S.D. Robinson age 26, a farmer from Ohio and wife N age 24 with 2 yr old daughter Rosa who was born in Illinois. S.D had $1,000 in land and $350 in personal property.

Sally Robinson nee Smith , 48, was on the 7 June 1860 census in Eden, LaSalle, Illinois, which is right next door with her husband Thomas Russell 47, b: NY laborer. They were there with their two girls, Adelaide 16 and Lorena 13. Both girls and Sally were born in Vermont. However, by the 20th of June Adelaide was living with the Morrisons as a servant in Hope, LaSalle, Illinois.

from Donna Robinson, ancestor of Oscar, son of Sally: In 1860 Oscar was living with his sister Avis, her husband, James Wright and a mysterious K Smith who was born in 1835 in Vermont. They were in Bennington, Marshall, IL with a Post Office of "New Rutland". Any idea who K Smith was?

my notes: 12/29/05 Avis was in 1860 in Bennington, Marshall, Illinois. Bennington was a township next door to Evans township, where the village Wenona was. It became a town in 1856, and they were on the 1860 census, so they were one of the original pioneers there.
11/26/09 In 1860-With husband and Avis was son Oscar 2, K Smith 25 and Oscar Robinson, her brother, 22, both young men working as farmhands for them. K Smith was probably Kimball Smith, son of Samuel Smith her Uncle, brother of Sally Smith, her mother. So Kimball would be Avis's cousin.

By 1870 Abiathar had arrived, but Sally Robinson Russell nee Smith was not there. Neither did I find Thomas Russell who married this widow. They had moved to Rutland, LaSalle, Illinois. On 3 August 1870, Thomas was 57 and Sarah 58 and now Eliza Russell , age 25, was living with them. She was born in 1845 in Vermont. Since Sally was on the 1840 census in Vermont as a Robinson, that tells me she soon married Thomas Russell there as the girls are born in Vermont.

Abiathar, age 41, lived in #56 with 35 yr old wife Julia Ann. They were both from Vermont as well as their 17 yr old son Edgar. Nellie, all, Emma, 9, and John, 7, were all born in Canada. This means that from 1859 to 1863 they all lived in Canada. William was a year old and was born in Illinois.

Next door in #57 lived Julia Ann's young brother, Albert age 27, a brick mason also born in Vermont. His wife Martha, 28 and son Fred, 5, were born in New York. His son Frank was only 5 months old and born in Illinois. The surprise was Munroe was listed last at age 10 and was born in Canada. He wasn't listed with a different surname, so I suppose he was their son, but was surprised he wasn't listed first. Then again, he would have only been 17 at his birth. Perhaps is only Martha's son. It makes me wonder.

My supposition was that Abiather moved to Wenona to be near Sally Robinson nee Smith, who I thought should be his mother. But she wasn't even here.

A 53 year old Joseph Robinson, blacksmith, was in Wenona, however, with 49 year old wife Emma. Joseph was born in Massachusetts in 1817 and Emma was born in England in 1821, so they were older than Abiathar. Living with them was a son, Volney age 19, and daughters Lonila 22, Josephine 14 and Jennie 12.

An interesting note is that Joseph's name did not come up when I entered it. Originally I found the names by going through the 23 pages individually of the 1870 census. I did the same with the 31 pages of the 1860 census. If you know the county and town, it's best to do that.

By June 1, 1880 Oscar Robinson, 42 yr old brick mason is listed at #3. He's the son of Sally Robinson nee Smith who married Thomas Russell. His wife is 32 yr old Sarah, and they have Avis, 12, Calvin 11, Charles 9, Wilbert 7, Milton 5 and Mancer "Manzel" 2.

#77 finds 67 yr old Thomas Russell born in NY with a father born in Germany and mother in NY and Sallie, 68. Sallie was born in Vermont with parents from Massachusetts. Linthy S, their 11 yr old granddaughter, was living with them. She was born in Illinois. She's the one I thought was the mother of Abiathar and is the mother of Oscar.

I also see Joseph Robbins, 62 yr old blacksmith born in Massachusetts with 59 yr old Emma born in England, just like Joseph Robinson of 1870. Of course it's the same family, only the census taker has changed the surname. Their children are all born in NY. Edward, a 3 yr old teacher , Louisa 30 , and Tennie, a 22 yr old teacher.

At #109 lives Samuel Robbins, 66 yr old blacksmith with wife annis 67 and daughter Jennie 26 yr old music teacher.

George Miller, son in law lives in #156. He's only 23 yrs old and a machine Agt born in Ohio. His wife Emma, 20 yrs old was born in Vermont and is Abiathar's daughter.

In #188 on the next to last page of the census I find A. Roberson, my ggrandfather who I know as Abiathar Smith Robinson. He's 52 yrs old and a teamster, born in Vermont and parents born in Vermont. Wife Julia age 45 also was born in Vermont with parents born there also. Their children are John 17 born in Canada,
William 11 born in Illinois
Frank 8, who is my grandfather, born in Illinois
Minnie J 5, born in Illinois
Unnamed, 12/30 May, a son, of course born in Illinois. This is Arthur Roy Robinson. I've been in contact with his ggrandson, Tom and finally got to meet him at the Wenona Cemetery in October of this year.

I know the Dixons are connected to us. I also found Thomas Dixon 35 out of work. He was born in Illinois but parents were born in england. His wife is Comfort 29, born in Illinois with parents from Pennsylvania. they had Ona 10 and John 9, both born in Illinois.

Then I found Martha Dixon 65, mother in law to William Nennt a butcher and Julia 21. A David Dixon of England had married Cynthia Russell and they lived in Wenona in the 1900's. Cynthia was the daughter of Martin Russell, the son of Thomas Russell and Sally Robinson nee Smith.
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