Thursday, November 05, 2009


Vermont Vital Statistics Dept.

I wrote to the following address asking for information about Abiathar Smith Robinson's birth certificate: and asked for his birth certificate from the year 1829.

I also asked for anything else they might find like Julia Ann Tuller's birth certificate, and their marriage certificate I'm not sure they have such records going back so far, but we'll check it out. So many offices have lost papers due to fires.

The address of the Vermont Historical Society is:

Go to their genealogy section at:

November 9, 2009: Today I heard from them and they sent me a form to fill out and return, which was all done by email and attachment. I sent it back to the following address but forgot to put Scott's name on it. I hope it gets to him. I also sent him the descendants of 2 generations of Hiram's children :

Scott Reilly
Records Analyst
Vermont State Archives and Records Administration
1078 US RTE 2, Middlesex
Montpelier, VT 05633-7701
(tel.) 802-828-2207
(fax) 802-828-3710
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