Tuesday, November 03, 2009


New York Robinsons

Joe Robinson has contacted me and says that Washington County, New York was part of Vermont until about 1800.

I knew that our Abiathar had said he was from New York on one census and then Vermont much later on on another census. He seemed to be having a hard time accepting Vermont as his birthplace.

Also, from the dna of DYS #393 being a 12, that seems to indicate coming from Anatolia, Turkey like 10,000 years ago, and with a migration to Ireland and Scotland.

Joe continued with the fact that Robinson is a very common name in this area of the country because of the large migration of Scots/Iris in the late 1700's.

It could be that Abiathar's family came over at that time as he himself was born in 1829.

Joe sent me his genealogy showing his ancestors who were from Washington County, N.Y. This is pretty exciting stuff. Some were also from Oneida county.

It's very plausible that this could be the place of Abiathar's roots. Thank you, Joe, for expanding the history of the area and this information.
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