Sunday, November 01, 2009


New Robinson Contacts

I made contact today with Donald Robinson who maintains the Pastor John Robinson website. John Robinson was the man who sent over the Pilgrims from Holland to America. He wasn't able to come over himself, having died before he could make it, but his son, Isaac came over. There are many descendants of his in New England. A son of Isaac was Peter Robinson who is memorialized on http://www.find/ a grave. Peter was born in 1655 in Barnstable, Mass and died in Windham, Connecticut.

Many Robinsons migrated from Massachusetts to Connecticut and New Hampshire before entering New York and Vermont.

Donald will ask his contacts if anyone has had dna testing and hopefully they will contact me. This is one way to see who you are connected to. Not everyone left a paper trail, but the trail is locked up right in our cells, in our genes. I hope people will turn to dna for further knowledge of their family history.

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