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George Stewart Robinson

George Stewart Robinson was a judge in Illinois. He was raised in Derby, Vermont and went to school and the academy of Derby. He worked on a farm until about 20 years old except when teaching. He studied law with Hon. S.B. Colby and Hon. Lucius B. Peck, and was admitted to the bar at Montpelier in 1846. Failing health compelled him to go south in 1847, where he became a teacher in Hamilton, Georgia.

In 1850 he was on the census in Hamilton, Harris, Georgia at age 27 and was a teacher living in the house of John W. Smith, a 32 year old merchant. Other teachers and students also lived there.

by 1852 he was admitted to the bar in Cuthbert, Georgia and practiced until 1866.

In 1853 George Stewart Robinson married Olive A. Colby on October 13, 1853 at Derby, Vermont. They were both born in Vermont. George was the son of George Robinson of Connecticut and Harriet Stewart also of Connecticut. Olive was the daughter of Nehemiah and Malinda L. Colby. He was a lawyer. It looks to me like he had returned to Derby just to marry Judge Colby's daughter, and took her back to Georgia to continue living there.

The 6 June 1860 census has a George Stewart Robinson 35, and wife Olive A 27 living in Randolph, Georgia. They were both born in Vermont. They had a daughter, Hattie M, age 3 born in Georgia. With them was George's father, George Robinson age 66, a widower, and retired born in Connecticut.

By 1866 he moved to Sycamore, Illinois and practiced law and became the city attorney and drafted many important ordinances. In 1869 he became a member of the board of state commissioners of public charities and served nearly 15 years and was for 8 years president of the board, spending two or three months annually in its service without pay.

During the Civil War, which started about 1862, he kept his Union principles and opposed secession and at a monetary loss, kept out of the Confederate service. He probably had to pay to stay out.

This same family was on the 17 June 1870 census in Sycamore, Ward 4, Dekalb, Illinois. Now George S is 45 and is still listed as a lawyer, though it is written as sawyer, and Olive is 37. Hattie M is 13, born in Georgia and Nellie C is now with us at age 8, also born in Georgia. The grandfather, George is 76. He was born in 1794 and is a retired farmer.

In 1873 he was appointed to the office of master in chancery, which he held until he was elected judge of the county court in 1877.

I find them still in Sycamore, DeKalb, Illinois in 1880. Sgt. George is 54 and Olive is 48. He states that both his father and mother were born in Connecticut. Harriett M is now 22 and Nellie Coleby is 18. They have a Swedish maid living with them, a Christine Gustafson age 14.

None of their three children will survive.

I found the father, George Robinson, on the 1820 census in Derby, Vt at age 25, with a wife and no children.
He was on the 1830 census there with two boys ages 5-10. He and his wife were between 3-0 and 40.
They were on the June 1, 1840 census in Derby, VT. Now George wand wife were between 40 and 50. He had 2 boys between ages 15-20 and a young son between 5-10.

By the 9th of August 1850 George was still in Derby. George was 55, born in 1795 in Ct. A male, Lucious Robinson, was 28. Lucy was 22. Both were born in Vermont. He had a laborer living with them, Joseph Page age 22 and a Mary Bayle 15.

I'd like to find his father in Connecticut and find out what branch of Robinsons they come from.
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