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Haplogroups=R1b in Men (Common in Europe)

There are 19 major haplogroups found in males. R1b is the most common haplogroup in Europe. It is believed to have expanded into and recolonized Europe 10,000 to 12,000 years ago after the last glacial maximum or ice age.

The is the Out of Africa theory that says that all modern humans evolved in Africa and then emigrated in several waves over the last 100,000 years. They replaced earlier homo species.

Scientists use the capitol letters of the alphabet to name the haplogroups.
A and B are in Africa today and are the oldest haplogroups. B is in all parts of Africa but more common in the pygmy tribe.

CR is a superhaplogroup (includes D-R and their common ancestor is named with a M168 mutation that was carried in 3 migrations into other parts of the world by some people while others stayed behind. C is found in Asia, the South Pacific, and in some Native American people.

In Haplogroups D and E, found in Africa and SE Asia, we have some mutations.

In Haplogroups F-Q we see some mutations like M89, M213, and P14 in all areas of the world.

R1b was formed from a group that emigrated from Africa 50,000 years ago, eventually settling in Europe in the last 30,000 years.

In my family I have two males that both belong to R1b1b2, but they are of different lines. Both trace their families back to the British Isles, and one for sure from England proper, basically in Hampshire County.

Reference: DNA & Genealogy by Colleen Fitzpatrick & Andrew Yeiser
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