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Error on My Robinson Tree Found with DNA

It is a sad admission, but I have been known to borrow the work of other genealogists when I find trees on and use them without checking everything out. Errors can happen in many ways and only dna can prove if we're right or wrong.

I have a William Leroy Robinson on my vast tree and luckily he recently had a dna test that showed we are definitely not connected. His Robinson line was done through ancestry and his haplogroup was not R1b1b2 like ours. It turned out to be I1 which they call " The stonemasons and probably lived in ipresent day Scandinavia.

I'll have to go back and see where I went astray. I'm dealing with my tree that is now up to at least 16,000 on it.

I'm off the hook. I have William's line on my tree as a Robinson family that was married into. His line traces back to the origin of George Robinson b: 1626-d: 1699 in Scotland. An Amos Robinson 1724 Mass.-1809 Clarendon, VT was on his tree.
Our line traces back (perhaps wrongly through Hiram Robinson who is not a dna match) to George Robinson b: 1639 in Boston. Considering that the Pilgrims came over in 1620 and the next fleet of ships came over in 1630, it's possible.

Another more recent error is dealing with Oscar Robinson, thought to be brother of our great grandfather, Abiathar Smith Robinson. Oscar's descendant is living in a nursing home and his daughter saw to it that he had a dna test. He turned out to be an R1b1b2 all right, but not related! His DYS 393 was the Atlantic Model number of 13 whereas ours is the unusual 12 which shows we did not come from Spain and Portugal like the others but from Anatolia, Turkey. It's rather rare. Our DYS 390 is also different. His was 23 and ours was 21. The rest of the 12 allele test which we both had was the same. This was enough to show we are not connected.

This means that I had our ggrandfather's parentage figured wrong. We had thought that Sally Smith from Vermont who had been married to Hiram Robinson were the parents of our Abiathar. After all, he had moved from Canada where he had been living during the Civil War down to Wenona, Illinois of all places after the war was over. Why would he do that if not to live near his mother who had been a young widow and now had remarried and was living there? There were also his siblings; Robinsons.

There was a famous minister in Royalton, Vermont by the name of Amos Robinson. There were also Robinsons descended from John Robinson, pastor from Holland who sent over the Pilgrims to America. These lines could be our Robinson line. I'm just waiting for more people to get tested with the surname of Robinson.

The fact remains that our Robinson test has found another match with another Robinson, so I feel the surname is correct.

I'm making up a story in my head. Sally had become pregnant with Abiathar through another Robinson there in Vermont. (There were many around). After he was born she married Hiram Robinson and had more children. The story continues. Sally could be his real mother.

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