Tuesday, November 03, 2009


DNA Not a Match from Rev. John Robinson

A direct descendant of Rev. John Robinson, the gentleman who sent the Pilgrims to America, differs with our dna test of 12 alleles in the DYS 393 and DYS 390. That shows that even though we are both of the R1b1b2 haplogroup, we are not a match. So we're the off-shoot of another Robinson line. These two alleles are not fast mutaters, so it's important that they match up.

New England was the scene of many Robinsons. Each one must have very interesting stories. They were mostly early settlers in America. DNA is beginning to unlock some of these stories. I think November is a good time to recall that John sent over the Mayflower passengers but couldn't get on himself and later died in Holland. However, his son, Isaac, did come over and started a whole line of Robinsons. He probably help to cause the surname "Robinson" to become the 16th most popular surname in the states.
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