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Ydna Matches We Do Have-R1b1b2 (R-M269)

This is our picture of Abiathar Smith Robinson and his son, Frank Hugh Robinson, which is my grandfather. It would have been taken in Wenona, Illinois.
This is the picture of Abiathar Smith Robinson b: December 1829 in Vermont that I received from 2nd cousin Tom Mead.

Through familytreedna we have found two matches that are also Robinsons.
1. James Kenneth Robinson-we both had 12 allele test showing a mutual ancestor 24 generations ago -chance of sharing to be 91.41 %

2 Richard Albert Robinson- he had a more thorough test of 37 alleles. Our chance of having a common ancestor 24 generations ago to be 70.47%This was done on the Robinson group. The place most likely was Ireland.

On the ht35 group, which I also signed up with, we have one more match-

1. Joseph Peter Lorenzini who had the 37 allele test. Our chances with him at 24 generations ago is 68.87%.

Another interesting fact is that we had more similarities with Ireland than with England. Our oral history was that the ancestor came over not on the Mayflower but the ship after that. I didn't know any Irish people were on the ships sailing in about 1630. Actually, there were a few matches from England but not many at all. I guess more Robinsons need to take a dna test before we get better results.
Haplogroup R
Haplogroup R is one of the two branches of the mega-haplogroup P. R originated approximately 30,000 years ago in Central Asia. It has two main branches, R1 and R2. R1 spread from Central Asia into Europe. Meanwhile, R2 spread east into the Indian subcontinent. Population movements have brought small numbers of both southward into the Eastern African Levant.

Reference: familytreedna :

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