Thursday, October 08, 2009


YDNA Does Not Match Us

I heard from Donna Robinson yesterday whose ancestor was Oscar Robinson. He is in the Wenona, Illinois cemetery where our ggrandmother, Julia Ann Robinson nee Tuller lies. Donna and I thought that Oscar would have been Julia's husband's brother. She just got the dna report back that her father had done and we're not a match! Donna also had the 12 allele test done through familytreedna. Neither one of us have receieved word that we are a match.

This throws all our figuring out the window. This means that Hiram may not have been the father of our Abiathar Smith Robinson, or that Sally was not previously married to Hiram. Sally would be Sally Robinson nee Smith who remarried when Hiram died to Thomas Russell.

I have never been able to find a paper trail showing exactly who Abiathar's parents were, but had deducted from the location and people there that that's who his parents were. There could be another reason why he moved his family from Vermont to Wenona, Illinois. I hope we get some other matches. I haven't yet heard what Oscar Robinson's haplogroup is. I wonder if it's close to ours.

10/12/09 The haplogroup of Oscar is also R1b1b2. We're off by 3 alleles in the 12 allele test, however so Abiathar couldn't be the brother of Oscar.

We differ in DYS 393. Oscar is a 13 and we are a 12. According to RootsWeb.GENEALOGY-DNA-L Re {DNA}R1bwith DYS393=12, we originated in different places. The 12 is very rare. Most R1b1b2's are a 13.

We also differ in DYS 390 and DYS 385b

The amazing thing is that Oscar's line and Abiathar's wife are buried in the same cemetery in Wenona, Illinois. I thought Oscar's mother, Sally Robinson nee Smith and then remarried to Thomas Russell was also Abiathar's mother. I may have been wrong. Lots of Robinsons were wandering around in New England, and both familes came from Vermont. I found Sally in Jamaica, Windham, Vermont on the same page in the 1840 census with Robinsons and Smiths. She was Sally Robinson, widow. I had thought she had been married to Hiram Robinson b: 1809 Vermont and on that page listed were Hiram, James, John and Reuben Robinson. Further down I found John P? Robinson and family and then also Samuel, Willard and Rufus Smith. Rufus was her father and Sally Marsh was her mother.


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