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Who Was John Robinson in 1850 in Royalton, Vermont

Living with my gggrandmother, Asenath Tullar and her husband, Alonzo and their children lived a John Robinson, age 51, farmer in Royalton, Windsor, Vermont found on the October 28,1850 census. Their daughter, my gggrandmother Julia Ann, was 15 years old. Little did they know that she would marry an Abiathar Smith Robinson in two more years. Was John related to Abiathar? One would think so. Could he have been the father of Abiathar? Is that how Julia met Abiathar? More likely he was of another branch of Robinsons as the dna is so different between Hiram's line and Abiathar's line.

Abiathar and Julia Ann married very nearby in Tunbridge, Vermont on February 29, 1852. I thought a Hiram was his father and Sally Smith was his mother, but dna is making me question my theory as it's not a match with Hiram's son, Oscar.

I do not have a John Robinson on the list of children along with Hiram Robinson, assumed father. He could have as the John in Royalton was born in about 1799 and the children of James and Abigail Robinson, Hiram's parents, were born starting in the year 1803. The only other male listed was Reuben born in 1818 who married Emeline Smith, Sally Robinson nee Smith's sister. The two Smith girls had married two Robinson boys: Sally and Hiram, and Emeline and Reuben.
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