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Visited Wenona, Illinois Cemetery October 16, 2009

On the left we are going into the cemetery on the next turn. On the right is a view of the cemetery.

2nd cousins Tom Mead and David Goldfoot meet in the cemetery for first time. It was cold and windy.

Here is David's car parked in the cemetery on the road that winds through it. We went back after lunch in the one and only tavern after having a great meal there. I hated to give up the search for anyone on our tree and did find a few more headstones of importance.

The cemetery was well taken care of and so pictureque with amazing headstones wherever you looked. Our family was in section 80 in a corner. I couldn't find a headstone with Abiathar Smith Robinson's name on it, but he was there according to the cemetery map. Here you see the road going through the cemetery.

The day was lovely, but cold and windy. My fingers were so stiff I could hardly push the button on my camera. At noon we stopped and had lunch in town. There are about 1,000 people living in Wenona. I was very pleased to see a library on the Main Street.

There were many tall headstones. You didn't see the ones lying flush on the ground as much like I see in Oregon.

David Goldfoot and Tom Mead, the 2nd cousins. David's and my mother was Mildred Elizabeth Robinson, daughter of Frank Hugh Robinson. His father was Abiathar Smith Robinson. Abiathar's youngest son was Arthur Roy Robinson, who lies here in the cemetery. Arthur was the grandfather of Tom Mead whose mother was Leola Marie Robinson, Arthur's daughter. Arthur had married Minnie Mae Smith, another Smith in the family. We're still trying to figure out more about Abiathar's Smith connection and feel it was Sally Smith, wife of Hiram Robinson who was left widowed with children and remarried Thomas Russell of Wenona.

This was the entrance to the Wenona Cemetery. Wenona lies in Marshall County while the cemetery, just outside of town, lies in LaSalle County. I was told that in the town one side of the street is in Marshall and the other side of the street is in LaSalle. I guess it's a border town.

The ride here was just lovely with lots of corn growing on either side of the road.

My brother David Goldfoot drove me from Madison, WI the 150+ miles to the Wenona Cemetery on October 16, 2009. We were met by our 2nd cousin, Tom Mead, who showed us around the cemetery and where our great grandparents were buried.

I was able to take a lot of digital pictures to post on which I started doing so after arriving back home in Oregon. I was so surprised to find the cemetery was so beautiful and well taken care of. What a rush I had to see great grandmother Julia Ann Robinson nee Tuller's tall and old fashioned headstone along with others.

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