Saturday, October 24, 2009


Three Pictures to Identify of Wenona, IL Robinson Family

This first picture is on Edgar C. Robinson born 1892 and was a Sergeant in WWI. The sailor is Charles T. Robinson, his brother born in 1891.
The next picture of the soldier without a hat is John Franklin Robinson, the 3rd brother b: in 1896. All three must have served in WWI.

After a recent trip on Oct 16th to the Wenona Cemetery, I had pictures to post given to me by Tom Mead, our 2nd cousin. Out of 6, we are having a hard time identifying at least 2 of them, possibly 3.

We think that the
man with the hat that looks like Bing Crosby is also John Franklin Robinson.
The man with the tie and shirt is unidentified but must be one of the Robinsons. He has quite a full mustache.

The two men together must be Robinson brothers, but are not identified as yet. They're in civilian clothing, so I just don't know. I see they don't have sideburns. The man on the right has a small mustache. They have groovy shoes, nicely polished. Did they learn that in the service of WWI?

Resource: Pictures funished by Tom Mead.

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