Wednesday, October 28, 2009


R1b1b2 R=M269

Within the clade, R1b1b2 (R-M269) by far the most common subclade of R1b in Western Europe, it has been said that they have reached its highest diversity (having the most differences) in Iberia (Spain) and Anatolia, Turkey. This is our Robinson haplogroup.

On-going analysis of newly discovered clades within both R-M343 and R-M269 should significantly improve our understanding of the geographical paths followed by these lineages ancestrally.

My son and my mother's father were R1b1b2's. My son's DYS 393 was a 13 while my uncle's DYS 393 was a 12.

Their DYS 390 was also different. My son's was 23 while my uncle's was 21. This is the next area to study. The rest were in agreement.

My son's haplogroup is 1 point away from the Atlantic model. It seems they populated Europe the most. They must have been stronger, healthier and better equipped to become so productive where others died out. Let's hope their success continues through the ages.

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