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Julia Ann Robinson's Obit from Tom Mead

Julia Ann Robinson nee Tuller
December 18, 1834-December 2, 1887

Luckily 2nd cousin Tom had the obit from the Wenona newspaper about our great grandmother, Julia Ann Robinson nee Tuller. When I went into the library to see it, their machine was broken, but I do have a blurred copy from Tom where I can read some of it. The copy machine messed up quite a bit of it.

Obituary Sent to me from Tom Mead in Good Condition:

Mrs. Julia A. Robinson, wife of A.S. Robinson, after suffering so intensely and so long, passed away from our life and our world last Friday at noon, and entered into that broader world where our knowledge is free from the burden of sense and trouble. Mrs. Robinson (Julia Ann Teller) was born in Royalton, VT. In 1834 married to A.S. Robinson in 1851. The family consisted of ten children, eight of whom are now living, five of them at home. She was converted about a year ago, and professed holiness shortly after, and death found her ready to go. Her life was not all sunshine, nor was it as easy nor as free from trouble, but nobly did she bear her part, and faithfully did she do her duty. A true woman and a faithful wife and mother. All that was mortal of her was buried in the Wenona Cemetery, the funeral services being held at Cumberland Presbyterian Church and conducted by the Rev John Bitison of Lacon.

Thank you Tom. This was a great help. I notice that they had her maiden name was Teller.

Wenona Times – Thursday 8 December 1887

Also, I would hope there would be one for her husband, our great grandfather, Abiathar Smith Robinson referred to as A.S. Robinson. That could be holding most vital information like who his parents were and why he came to Wenona in the first place and from where.

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