Saturday, October 10, 2009


Another Robinson on Tree Not dna Connected

I did have communication about in April 2009 with a William Leroy Robinson about dna. Unfortunately, ours doesn't match. He had his test through Somehow I erred. His haplogroup is completely different.

There just weren't that many people living in Massachusetts and New England in the beginning, and there were a lot of Robinsons and they intermarried as the others did. Robinson is the 16th most popular surname in the USA, so it stands to reason that Robinsons from many sources would meet.

I do have him on our direct descendant line. We both go back (or so I thought) to George Robinson b: 1626 in Glasgow, Scotland. This is interesting as I have now found through dna that our line is more popular with people in Ireland. Our oral history was that our ancestor came from Wales! Like the game, telephone, facts do change through oral communication.
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