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Amos III Robinson's Father: From Royalton to Illinois

Amos Robinson Jr. was involved with moving to Illinois very early from Royalton, Vermont. Perhaps he is the reason that Abiathar Smith, my gggrandfather moved there. He is the father of Amos III Robinson.

Descendants of Amos Jr. Robinson
1 Amos Jr. Robinson b: September 25, 1767 in Lebanon,Grafton, New Hampshire/ New London, Connecticut
. +Levina Bullock b: 1773 in Orange, New Hampshire
.... 2 Amos III Robinson b: December 28, 1797 in Royalton, Windsor County, Vermont
........ +Betsey Davis b: January 12, 1800 in Royalton, Vermont
.... *2nd Wife of Amos III Robinson:
........ +Lois Safford b: December 04, 1800 in Royalton, Vermont
.... 2 Hiram Robinson b: August 12, 1799 in Royalton, Windsor, Vermont
........ +Almira Morgan b: Abt. 1800 in Rhode Island
.... 2 Cephas Robinson b: Bet. February 1801 - 1802 in Royalton, Windsor County, Vermont
.... 2 Joel Robinson b: 1803 in Prob. Royalton, Vermont
.... 2 George Robinson b: 1804 in Royalton, Windsor, Vermont
.... 2 Allen Joseph Bullard Robinson b: December 27, 1805 in Royalton, Vermont
........ +Lucy Sargent b: January 22, 1813 in Pomfret, Connecticut
.... 2 [1] Cyrus Robinson b: Bet. 1808 - 1809
........ +[2] Thankful Unknown b: Abt. 1812
*2nd Wife of Amos Jr. Robinson:
. +Elizabeth "Betsey" Hughes b: 1784 in Norwich, Windsor, Connecticut
.... 2 Emily Robinson b: 1807 in Royalton, Norwich, Windsor County, Vermont
.... 2 [1] Cyrus Robinson b: Bet. 1808 - 1809
........ +[2] Thankful Unknown b: Abt. 1812
.... 2 Maria Marcia Robinson b: 1810 in Royalton, Vermont
.... 2 Hartwell Robinson b: June 08, 1815 in Royalton, Windsor, Vermont
........ +Fairazina "Rizina" Morris b: September 16, 1825 in Decatur, Illinois/New York/Indiana
.... 2 Marilla Robinson b: December 20, 1817 in Royalton, Windsor County, Vermont
........ +Dayton Francis Dunham b: November 12, 1814 in Woodbridge, Essex County, New Jersey
.... 2 Daniel Robinson b: 1820 in Royalton, Windsor, Vermont
........ +Margaret Oakes Daly Dailey b: 1822 in Pennsylvania
From Susan Dudra and Kay Robinson, direct lines comes this information.
10/24/04 This Amos went to Illinois first and died there. His son Amos III finally moved there to be with his siblings, perhaps. Now this is questionable. He was found in Wisconsin in 1860-1870.10/27/04 from Centenial History of Decatur and Macon County: The Robinson FamilyOne early settler, who entered, from the government, land which is now a part of the city, was Amos Robinson, who came in 1830 from Royalton, Vt. The Robinson, the Packard, and the Hunting families came together to Macon county. A letter written by Mrs. Robinson to home folks, on Sept 8, tells of their safe arrival after a fatiguing journey. They had arrived July 26, 1830. On Sept. 8, the day the letter was written, Mr. Packard died. Mrs. Robinson deplored the fact that they were all ill with the chills and ague and unable to attend the funeral of their friend, Mr. Packard. that was Silas Packard, Sr., father of the Silas Packard whose name appears elsewhere in the history of the county. He lived only about 6 years after coming here, but was active during those early years in the history of the county. He was one of the men who helped to build the old log court hose. The land was in the west section of the city. The Springfield road (now West Main street and Route 10) passed through their land. It was part of this land which later came into possession of James Milliken, and became the site of his home and the university.
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